and now dual stack

  • Now that our main datacenter at has native IPv6 connectivity available for us, we're starting to bring some of our sites up on IPv6. and now have AAAA and A records. Also and are IPv6-only. Wikka forces a redirect back to so that one doesn't do a whole lot. This is the first two sites, others will be added as time permits in the coming weeks, assuming there aren't any issues.

    On another note, the native IPv6 connectivity is very nice. I'm used to seeing double or more the latency with IPv6 than IPv4 with any type of tunnel, which is inherent in the tunneling, but no such difference with our native connectivity in the datacenter. 25 ms to Google whether v4 or v6, similar equivalency with everything else. Now only if my two ISPs would get off their @#*&# and offer native connectivity…

  • Thats cool :)
    But i am waiting for implementing IPv6 in our production environement on a stable ipv6 build of pfsense.

    Will it be 2.1 or do we have to wait for 2.2?

  • It will be merged immediately after 2_0 is branched, for 2.1 release.

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