WRAP Installation

  • Hello!

    I use M0n0wall for some time now and I'm rather satisfied. Now I want to try pfSense on my Wrap platform. When installing M0n0wall on the Wrap no serial consol is needed during the setup as it recognizes the network adapters on its own ans assigns s standard IP for the LAN and I can connect directly to the Webinterface through my LAN for further setup.

    How is this when installing pfSense. Do I need a serial connection to my Wrap box (as i don't have a null modem)?


  • well, almost the same problem here with me…
    i´ve just installed the image on the cf card, plugged it into my wrap and all i see is the biod screen.
    nothing more.

    how can i access my wrap please? anyone a suggestion?


  • i know this how-to…
    but he is physdiskwriting the .gz-archive onto the flash, can this be true??

    i´ve installed it using a cf-writer and the live-cd, but it didn´t work either.
    booting shows just weird ascii´s over the serial port.
    i´ve installed a driver for the file system (i´m using windows..) and it shows me a partition with 24mb after installation and the rest is just unassigned.

    but anyway, i´ll try it out to install without unpacking the gz and lets see if it works.

    in the case this will fail, could anybody be so kind and dd his cf and put it online for me?
    you would really help me a lot with this....

    thanks in advance boarders and have a nice week,


  • aah….

    after finaly watching the tut until the end i saw that with changing the baudrate in hypterterm...
    i´ll finally try this out, maybe this was the problem...

    thanks in advance, i´ll post if it works or not...

  • @guybrush:

    i know this how-to…
    but he is physdiskwriting the .gz-archive onto the flash, can this be true??

    Yes, physdiskwrite is smart enough to handle .gz's directly  ;)

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