Nas on Via C7 1ghz thin client

  • Hi,

    I need some help.I have Thin Client 1Ghz Via C7 processor with 256mb ddr2 ram expandable to 2 gb.I want to make it nas and printer server with 1tb harddisk, attached to share among 2 to 3 people maX.

    I know about freenas and openfiler

    These seem to be to high,there are many small Nas hubs in the market,so I am sure there must some low powered Nas OS.

    Oh! at the moment I have a cf card or usb so I will have to install embedded version.

    On a side note,dose anyone know where can I buy 4gb microdrive which can used instead CF,they were used in Ipodmini.


  • Netgate Administrator

    What do you mean by 'too high'?

    I suspect you'll get mostly FreeNAS recommendations on this forum.  ;)

    Be careful when buying microdrives. A lot, such as those for ipods, do not support ATA mode and so will not work in a hard disk type application.

    Some of those hardware requirments do seem quite extreme. What are you hoping to use this for?
    OpenWRT will probably do most of what you need with a far smaller footprint.


  • By to high I meant very high spec as 6gb ram.

    I want to create network drive from where people in the house can play video tutorials,some cartoons,read pdf books,have backup image of other hard-drives and a pritner sever so I can share the printer with other people in the house.

    I am a rookie.I just installed pfsense on Neoware Via C3 800 mhz 1gb ram with snort (some rules) and dns blacklist (with few categories) on a 4gb usb drive.I heard that if I install it on harddrive with swap it will much faster.I just could not use snort and dns blacklist to the fullest .

    I had smoothwall previously which I liked it except installing process of mod,it was much easier and have urlfilter for adblocker on Pentium 3 533mhz with 512 mb  which was more than enough for smoothwall but
    it was very noisy and power hungry.

    So I liked the idea of thin client.Believe now I do not have to close firewall every night and it has no noise at all,it only take 6 to 7 watt instead 75watt P3.

    So I am really looking for a quite and efficient server home use.

    So can I install openwrt on thinclient will it support cannon printers.

    I read it is only for routers.

    I have linksys wrt54g router can I use that as nas and printserver?

    How do I connect the network drive to the router it has no usb?

    thanks in advance

  • Netgate Administrator

    Yes 6GB does seem quite high!  :o I guess it depends how much use/speed you want/need.

    Openwrt will run in 16mb or ram from 4mb flash on a 133MHz CPU. It has a x86 port though so it should fly on your thin client. There are many packages available for it and a nice gui install for them if you are running X-wrt.
    You can run an SMB server and have shares for each of your users or general shares. Or run NFS or many other options.

    It's never going to be as fast as a genuine NAS solution which needs to be as fast as possible. It sounds like you are looking for something more akin to a file server.

    It's not as easy as FreeNAS though see:

    Why not try FreeNAS 7 and see how it goes?


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