Messed up /etc/fstab/ - please help recreate

  • System:
    Intel D510MO
    1GB DDR3 Memory
    Patriot Xporter XT Rage 8GB USB Flash
    Intel Pro/1000 MT

    Current Build pfSense-2.0-RC1-1g-i386-20110226-1633-nanobsd

    I had the "mountroot>" prompt come up and I had to boot my box by entering ufs:/dev/da0s1a at the prompt. I tried to edit my /etc/fstab using vi but somehow through the console I messed up the file. I'm still able to boot pfsense and can edit the /etc/fstab through the GUI but I need to know what should be in there. Can someone give me some guidance?

    Thanks in advance

  • 46 reads and no replies? I thought this would be an easy one. All I need someone to do is login to the GUI, go to Diagnostics, then Edit File. At the top type /etc/fstab in the load file section and press load. After the file loads copy and paste file contents in a post here.


  • Perhaps none of those readers run the nanobsd variant. (I don't,)

  • I am not running the nano either, but I thought the fstab is standard.

    # Device		Mountpoint	FStype	Options		Dump	Pass#
    /dev/ad0s1a		/		ufs	rw		1	1
    /dev/ad0s1b		none		swap	sw		0	0

  • Fixed, I did a reinstall this morning and edited where I needed.

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