MLPPP, request to other users of…

  • To others using MLPPP a request.

    Are you able to update your pfsense box from the dashboard?

    Using this tool…  are you able to ping with a 1500 mtu successfully?

    If not does your ping time out or return a "fragmented" response?


  • I am able to update from the dashboard. What would that have to do with MLPPP?

    What is that exe file supposed to do? I can ping my ISP gateway with a 1500-byte packet using ping -s 1500. Is that the same thing?

  • Exe is just a tool to make it easier…

    Thanks for the input.  When I have the two links bundled I cannot upgrade from the box in any way over the wan. But once I run on just one of the links Im fine, just a bit slower.

    Seems I can ping some sites at with 1500 but not others...

  • You have to disable scrub during multi-link.

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