Data Usage Graphs - Looking For Suggestions

  • So, hi!  I'm new.  Be kind.

    After some stumbling (due to my own silliness), I got a fresh pfs machine going over the past several hours.  It is, frankly, overkill, but I wanted to learn some new stuff, and goodness knows, that I am.

    Having got beyond such boring errors of "boy, it sure would be great if everything didn't say 'Destination Host unreachable'", and agonizing for 20 minutes trying to find just the right picture for the dashboard, I find myself stuck trying to find the item I didn't think for a moment would not be there, but isn't: Data transferred.  Everything seems to centre around moment-to-moment throughput, whereas I would like MB totals per time period.

    There are a few potential options in the packages: RRD Summary provides current and previous month.  Good, but not much for granularity.  bandwidthd is also mentioned, but I've not been able to make it go (it appears to be running, but alas, no graphs are being created).  Perhaps it is because it is listed as a 1.3 package and I'm using the 2.0-RC1?  Dunno!  ntop, after a lengthy install, just timed out when trying to access it.  Another post suggested to ensure that traffic was allowed, it is.  (Well, pretty sure.  Quite confident, in fact, but not 100%  Both ntop and bandwidthd could well be something I've done wrong).

    Lightsquid?  Not sure – I really don't want to run a proxy, and (I presume!) would provide HTTP numbers only.

    I guess I'm just jealous of the richness the RRD Traffic graphs offer, both in granularity and in history.  Is there, somewhere, something similar for data moved?  bits / second is interesting, but what I really want is MB / Hour.  (Or even day!)

    Any suggestions gratefully welcomed.  Thank you!

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    1. Update to a current snapshot, not RC1
    2. ntop works fine, you just have to select the interface (Diagnostics > ntop settings) and save the settings before it will work the first time. Also it runs on tcp port 3000 not the same port as the webgui so you may need to adjust your firewall rules to see it if you're coming in remotely.

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