Dual Port PCIe NIC suggestions?

  • Anyone have suggestions for a Dual port PCIe NIC.
    I have bought a couple of intel pci dual port cards off ebay, but they are the extended pci cards.  On my new setup, I can't seem to find a board that I like that has room behind the pci slot that will accommodate the long card.

    Intel Dual port NIC's on ebay are costing 150+USD.  Anyone have a cheaper spot to look at for dual port PCIe cards?  Or recommend some marvel/realtek cards that are good?  I know I have had trouble with both in the past, and I only get ones that other people have had working (supported drivers list does not always mean it will work well).

    Suggestions anyone?

  • Would 10/100 cards do? On eBay I bought some dual 10/100 PCI cards that don't extend very far past the inner edge of the PCI connector. Soekris (http://soekris.com) have some short PCI boards (LAN16x1 and LAN17x1) with 2 or 4 10/100 NICs for under US$100

    If 10/100 is not fast enough, depending on your bandwidth requirements, it may be cheaper to buy a single port GigE PCIe card and use a VLAN capable switch as a "port multiplier" for it than to buy a multiport card.

  • 10/100 is enough for me.  Any hints on model numbers for the short dual pci cards that are working for you?  I don't see intel dual port nic's on ebay at reasonable prices, or they are what i have (long pci).
      Broadcom cards working good for you?

    So far I agree with you.  Buy single pci/pcie cards.  That or find a board that accepts the pci-x card.

    Looked at seokris.com, but dual port is already 100usd with shipping.  At that price I am already getting close to a used intel pcie card on ebay.

    Lots to consider.  Just wondering what others are doing.  Guess most people just use onboard nics, and add a single card at most.

  • How about eBay items 140564224715 200582640566 230599638849 or 270751893645 Some (but not all) of these appear to use Intel NICs.

  • You are right.  Since I don't need GB lan, the real way to go is dual pci intel boards.

    I'll stick with that philosophy for the next year or so, and then re-evaluate.  I think I just had to accept the pci boards until pcie comes down in price.

    Thanks for the feedback!

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