Single Lan - Multi Wan routing question

  • Hi Guys,

    I have been trolling the forum looking for a possible soluotion but thus far have been unable to find, so hoping someone can point me in the correct direction. What I am trying to achieve sounds trivial in relation to setting it up, for me at least.

    What is have is a pfsense 2.0 box with 3 interfaces, 1 lan and 2 wan interfaces, both wan has static ip's.

    I have it set up at the moment that all LAN traffic goes out via the default route, what I want to achieve is to have a sub set of the lan to go out via the second wan connection. <> via default <> via wan2

    is this set up possible? I do not require fail-over or any load balancing at this stage…. this is purely for my development network and just need to split the traffic.


  • sure. You can specify a gateway for each firewall rule.

    create an alias for the address' you wish to send to the secondary wan and give it some name.

    then create a new firewall rule in the LAN tab, above the default rule.
    it should be similar to the default rule that is allready there with 2 differences:
    source: alias_of_adress_you_created
    gateway: wan2_gateway

  • Thanks Heper,

    I have done this but I am still going out via default route.

    I have:

    • created an alias with relevent lan addresses and named it under firewall>aliases

    • created a firewall rule under firewall>lan and duplicated the defalut rule and changed the source to the named alias and gateway to the secind wan connection

    However when i go to whatsmyip i still see the default wan ip address. is there anything else i need to do?


  • did you reset states ?
    Resetting states is sometimes needed when making adjustments to the rules
    also: you can experiment with the order (move one above the other). But as far as i know the default rule should be at the bottom, the one going to GW2 should be above default rule.

  • Sorry for replying so late, was unable to get on to the forum for all of yesterday.

    I have reset states as well as moved the rules around and still no luck.

    attached screen captures of the rules and associated aspects.

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