PXE boot/install?

  • Is it possible to do a PXE boot/install of pfSense?

    The reason I'm asking is that I've some hardware (Fabia FX5620) that I'm planning on running pfSense on that doesn't have any onboard CD/DVD drive.  It does boot from a USB CD-ROM, but I have to borrow one.  I'd much rather not have to rely upon this if I want/need to rebuild the system (I'm probably going to start playing with the 1.0.2 snapshots)  :)

    Apologies if this has been covered, a search of the forums and documentation/wiki didn't show anything obvious.

  • It should work, given that you have some server that provides the pfSense image for the pxeboot.  Check the vmware community appliances, there are some ready done vm's that should be able to provide this (haven'T tested it though, only read the descriptions some time ago).

  • Thanks, that's enough for me to start looking at getting it working.  I'll post back once I've got it running (which given how little free time I've got may be a long time) so that others can learn from my mistakes :)

  • any news?

  • Search the forum, it has been discussed in other threads already and there are even 2 tutorials how to make that work.

  • i couldn't find any using the forum search :(
    so this is why i'm asking
    i tried using usb key images, but it goes with kernel panic in the middle of the boot process

  • many thanks!
    i'll be reading it right now
    the reason i didn't find those topics is that their header didn't contain "pxe"  :)

  • that forum thread contains no info - the link is unaccessible :(
    when mouting pfsense install image on a TFTP i get this

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