SQUID 2.7 First Level Dirctorys Question

  • Hi first at all,

    i have some math problems with first level squid cache directories!


    My Hardrive is a 1TB Volume
    937 GB accessable

    and i want squid give 500GB for Caching
    Objekt standart size is 15 Kbyte
    L2 Directories standart value is 256

    L1= (500.000.000/15) /256) /265) x2 = ca 1K

    is this normal and right value or has squid not htinking about 1TB Volumes?

    THANKS for any help
    p.s. i have always set 16 L1 Directories (standart), but i want to optimized this for a little bit more speed!

  • this squid link tutorial is NOT corect!!!


    i had a 500gb cache with maximum_object_size to 5GB !!! THIS WORKS GOOD FOR ME!!!

    i had cache to test 4gb iso image from debian http page - ALWAYS WORKS!!!

    anyone help?

  • All human use L1=16 ? :)

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