Squid - Is it possible to log only a specific client ip address?

  • I agreed to sharing my Internet access with my neighbour for the next three months. For legal reasons I told him not to download illegal files and he agreed to that. In order to be ceratain, he is sticking to our agreement, I told him I would log all data and he agreed to that, too.

    I installed squid and activated logging. In order to save the flashdrive's endurance, pfsene is running on, I would like to log only traffic generated by his Ip-Address. Is that possible?

    As an alternative: Is there any wiki howto send all logfiles to syslog? In that case I could use a different syslog server….

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You could disable the main transparent mode checkbox, and craft your own NAT rule to send only his specific IP into the proxy.

    Though you must keep in mind that when working in transparent mode you will not see HTTPS traffic, and also that only tracks web access, it does not track anything else such as torrents, ftp, tor, and so on.

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