Still stuck with packages re-installing in background…

  • I hate to post this again because I've seen a ton of them in the past but I also didn't want to dig up an old one.

    I thought this issue was fixed… However, for the last two updates I can't do anything with the packages unless I restart again after the initial restart. This is kind of problematic because everyone at my work complains the moment it goes down.

    Is there anyway around this without restarting yet again?? Now I don't get the picture like I used to.. It only hapens if I actually click on System > Packages.

    It used to show the picture of the hard drive on teh dashboard. But now that picture goes away after a bit but I can't get to the area to add/remove packages.


  • have you gave it enought time? mine is on an alix and i have 4 packages installed. nothing big. but a firmware upgrade takes about 45 mins from start to get all the packages back in.
    the only one i have the odd issue with is snort as it doesn't seem to recognise the interface. i simply delete the snort interface and recreate it and then download the snort rules.

  • I'm going to try the re-install packages now..

    And yes I've given it enough time. The last two times I upgraded I let it sit there over an entire weekend and still nada.

    I will get back with the results of the reinstall.

    Thanks for the quick response.

  • Ok, I did re-install all packages… And it said all packages reinstalled. However it still says this when I click system > packages.

    Please wait while packages are reinstalled in the background.

    I can't restart the system right now until well after work hours... So kinda sucks.

    I want to get ifTop installed and can't. Anymore ideas? I'm updated up to the most current release.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Diagnostics > Backup/Restore, click the Clear Package Lock button.

    And check your console for errors because that wouldn't have gotten stuck there unless some package had failed to reinstall properly.

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