"filter_load" errors after upgrade

  • Upgraded a 1.2.3 to a 2.0 (i386, Friday's snapshot). Upgrade went fine and firewall is up, but I get a ton of those "Acknowledge All" errors. I was able to capture the whole thing and it reads:

    Acknowledge All     .:.     06-20-11 14:28:18 - [filter_load]There were error(s) loading the rules: /tmp/rules.debug:13: macro LAN not defined/tmp/rules.debug:13: syntax error/tmp/rules.debug:14: macro WAN not defined/tmp/rules.debug:15: macro FAILOVER not defined/tmp/rules.debug:26: macro WAN not defined/tmp/rules.debug:26: syntax error/tmp/rules.debug:27: macro WAN not defined/tmp/rules.debug:402: macro loopback not defined/tmp/rules.debug:402: syntax error/tmp/rules.debug:403: macro loopback not defined/tmp/rules.debug:410: macro WAN not defined/tmp/rules.debug:410: syntax error/tmp/rules.debug:411: macro WAN not defined/tmp/rules.debug:414: macro WAN not defined/tmp/rules.debug:414: syntax error/tmp/rules.debug:415: macro WAN not defined/tmp/rules.debug:416: macro WAN not defined/tmp/rules.debug:417: macro WAN not defined/tmp/rules.debug:418: macro WAN not defined/tmp/rules.debug:419: macro WAN not defined/tmp/rules.debug:420: macro WAN not defined/tmp/rules.debug:421: macro WAN not defined/tmp/rules.debug:422: macro WAN not defined/tmp/rules.debug:423: macro LAN not defined/tmp/rules.debug:424: macro FAILOVER not defined/tmp/rules.debug:425: macro pptp not definedpfctl: Syntax error in config file: pf rules not loaded The line in question reads [13]: scrub in on $LAN all fragment reassemble     .:.    

    Also, when we add a new VIP (PARP) and associated NAT rule, the new IP doesn't work at all.

    Any comments would be helpful.



  • Figured out this was mostly due to an old package (nrpe) not being uninstalled properly. I am unsure of the specific details, as I ended up having a tech from pfSense fix it for me.


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