100Mbit Hardware Config Anyone?

  • Anyone done some testing of throughput? My ISP pumped up my connection to 100Mbit and I had to toss my old Linksys router out the window.

    I was thinking on buying some "old" comp at arround 1Ghz and making it into a firewall. Would that be enough to get ~100Mbit ftp speeds?


  • My Via C3 Nehemia 1 GHz can go that speed so depending on concurrent states you should be good with that kind of processorspeed.

  • Is there anything in particullar I should think about when browsing for an old computer to buy. I checked out the Hardware compability page but frankly thats a whole lot of mumbo jumbo for me.

    I read somewhere that rtl NIC:s dont work well - is that realtek?


  • Realtek nics are cheap but known to not have best performance. Basically you should look that you get good nics (like intel) in combination with a fast pci bus on the boards.

  • Thanx for the input – i just want to say I love these kinds of forums much more then the mailinglists.


  • Alright installed pfSense on a P2 266Mhz 196Mb RAM ( HD installation ) - my connection is 100/10 Mbit but i get ~80/12 using some bandwidth test to fast servers close to me.

    With pfSense on my old PC im getting ~70/12 to the server with the bandwidth test -

    When uploading with a torrent client at ~10Mbit I get ~45Mbit download speeds ( DC++ and torrents ). Closing down the torrent software boosts the download speed to ~60Mbit.

    All in all im happy with this… Ill keep an eye out on a faster computer to run the firewall onl - but i dont really need more speed. Better then my old Linsys router @ 25Mbit anyway.

    And i dont know much about how to REALLY test throughput etc.

    Anyway what now? Whats next?  -- any other cool funktions I can mess with? - Im kinda tired of port forwarding hehehe...


  • Work your way from top to down of the features list at pfsense.com  ;D

  • I just found the aditionall packages option – trying this port knocking crap now hehe...


  • 1 have 1GHz P3 and 512 Mb RAM with Intel Server DualPort Server Cards and have 100MBit wirespeed performance