Some squidGuard Blacklists Hints to work in pfsense ***Resolved***

  • Some SquidGuard Blacklists contains symlinks. This make squidguard not filtering at all.

    The hints is to create PfSense custom symlink in /var/db/squidGuard/

    Example :

    Blacklists :
    cd /var/db/squidGuard/
    ln -s blk_blacklists_aggressive blk_blacklists_agressif
    ln -s blk_blacklists_drogue blk_blacklists_drugs
    ln -s blk_blacklists_webmail blk_blacklists_mail
    ln -s blk_blacklists_adult blk_blacklists_porn
    ln -s blk_blacklists_ads blk_blacklists_publicite
    ln -s blk_blacklists_strict_redirector blk_blacklists_redirector
    ln -s blk_blacklists_aggressive blk_blacklists_violence

    Need to be done only the first time, after installation of blacklist

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