RC3 and Traffic Shaper status

  • There has been a lot of progress in pfSense 2.0, which I am really grateful for, and thank you all for the massive amounts of time that you dedicate to the pfSense project.

    There is one thing that has me worried though, which is that we've gone to RC3 – the final RC before release -- and the traffic shaper to my knowledge is still broken.  I'm really hoping that now we're in RC3, maybe that means that most everything else is up to expected standards, and that the traffic shaper will be the next thing looked into, but at the same time I'm really worried that it will be left in the current state.  If the shaper is being dropped or left as-is, I'd end up having to revert to 1.2.3, as 2.0's shaper is broken.  Many people still can't make heads or tails of it, and even some of the "Guru" types in here (the ones that get into the metrics and mathematical calculations that make my head spin) still say it is broken.

    begins praying to the shaper gods

    Is the shaper going to be looked into before final release?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Yes, it is going to be fixed before release.

    We've had a bunch of other higher priority fixes/projects/other things taking the attention of the shaper guru (ermal). There is still an open ticket with a target of 2.0 for the shaper.


    (See #749)

  • Thanks for the reply, jimp!
    Whew, okay!  Was getting worried there for a minute after reading the updates.  Really hope that the Traffic Shaper comes along, and look forward to being able to test it out!

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