Strange line problem

  • Hi to all.

    I have this strange problem (that make mi crazy):

    • PFSense 2.0-RC2 connected to an ADSL router (conexant).
    • Users browse the net but sometimes seems like the line is down.

    At router level no problem recognized.
    The TLC carrier say that the line is OK.
    Changed 2 router (same model), tried various check
    I attach the RRD graphs (quality and Traffic to try to explain).
    Can notice the load test done this night with a simple script that download a 100MB file for 100 times that not generate any problem in the Quality graph.
    Any hints on what is generating the gaps of connectivity that are reported in the quality graph?
    Can be a problem generated from some boxes in the LAN?
    Or an ADSL problem (but why not in my test?)

    Thanks, P.

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