VOIP, pfsense and siproxd

  • Hello to you all,

    At the moment I'm running a pfsense 2.0 firewall at a customer who has about 50 softphones, a fax machine and one hardware phone from Cisco.

    Between 5 and 9 pm all 50 softphones are connected at the same time.

    If I don't have the siproxd installed the fax and the cisco phone don't work at the same time.

    If I have the siproxd installed the softphones gets all kind of problems.

    Sometimes a number is called 30 times in an evening (without any agent calling that specific number more than once), on the answering side there's no audio.
    Could this problem exist because of siproxd?

    Sometimes the agents get only busy tone for tens of calls in a row. When they test to their own cell phones they only get a busy tone.

    Sometimes they only get one way audio?

    Does anybody have these problems in a similar setup?

    Best regards

    Johan Skott

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