Powerd flaky in newest RC3 (also since about a month…)

  • Hi,

    currently on 2.0-RC3 (i386) built on Wed Jun 22 00:50:29 EDT 2011, happened with the release I upgraded from (somewhere around the first week of July), too.

    I use a thin client with VIA Esther 1GHz CPU (Intel dual gigabit pci nic) as my pfsense box, 100mbit cable connection.

    powerd does regulate the cpu frequency and the box runs a little cooler, but downloading from usenet stalls at around 2,5MB/s, surfing the web slows down to a crawl or times out, and the pfsense web gui is not accessible. The second I pause the usenet download, everything is back to normal.

    If I deactivate powerd, I get 80-100mbit of my cable connection and surfing and the web interface are still useable, cpu being at max. 75% (really an improvement here, used to be around 95%).

    It would be nice to be able to use powerd.

    What can I provide in terms of logs/tests to help solve this problem?

    Edit: Also, when powerd is activated I have a delay of about one second before a web site starts loading - this clearly seems to be dns forwarder related as I use it with fast and reliable dns servers in my town that give me a ping of 10-30ms on a regular basis.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Nothing we can really do about that, that's all up to the OS and the BIOS, probably that machine specifically.

  • nooo you make me use 1.5 watts more than I have to ;-)

    I can live without it then. Out of general interest - does powerd in pfsense normally work well on Intel based hardware?

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    It really varies. Many systems are fine, those with odd BIOS (or old BIOS) implementations may be prone to more breakage than others.

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    Is it recognised correctly by the est driver?
    If you run 'powerd -v' at the console you can get real time output as to what powerd is doing and is trying to do.
    It works great on my Pentium-M box but it's a mobile cpu so well supported.


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