Last releases of RC 2 Tore up DHCP

  • I running on a x6000.  It went totally haywire.  I had to rebuild it 4 or 5 times with with a few different verisons of RC2.  I found out the RC3 had released.  I loaded it once and it came no issues.

    I found that these other releases did something something to the DHCP release and renewal.  The devices refused to renew with the new verison that I installed.  As well as I could no longer access the administrator console or sshd.

    When I got ready to install RC3 I formated the disk (CF) three or fours with a wipe tool.  I windiskwriter32 bit application.  I had to clear the internet chache on all my browsers just so I could access the RC3 console.

    I still learning about rc3 and 2.0 application.  But since there are not a package for the x-6000 LCD and modifying the LCD for up and down.  It makes the upgrade process painful.  How hard is it to get the two pieces built into packages for the RC or for up comming releases.

    Ron Carter

  • Netgate Administrator

    I'm working on it!  ;)

    But the learning curve is steep.  ::)


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