PPPoE and Static IP

  • I just changed my provider and have to login via PPPoE. Thats ok, but I have 5 static IP addresses. How can I tell pfSense which IP to use as there's no way to enter it? Or am I missing something?
    I received a Zyxel P-870M VDSL bridge which I can't tell to do the login and use a static IP in pfSense.

    How can I do this?

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    Do you know how your provider is delivering those IPs to you? Is the IP you get for WAN when logging in a part of that same subnet?

    You'll need to add them as Virtual IPs (Firewall > Virtual IPs) but exactly which type you need depends on what your ISP is doing. "Other" is probably the right one, but there isn't enough info there to say for certain.

  • I login from the LAN (private IP), I can't login from the WAN before it works.

    I have an address range of 8 IPs ( mask).
    The network address is x.x.212.240
    Router x.x.212.241
    Broadcast IP x.x.212.247

    I don't konw if I have to use "other" or "IP alias". I'll try and see how it works…

    And I was wondering if CARP and PPPoE are compatible too.

  • Sorry to jump in on the thread, but I have a similar issue.

    We have BT Infinity and have to use their vDSL modem. It requires that pfSense connect to it using PPPoE

    I just have Wan and Lan setup on pfSense.

    Wan gets IP address 81.x.x.x from PPPoE but we have a /29 in 217.x.x.81-86 where 86 should be the IP of the gateway (IE the pfSense WAN interface). I cannot see any method to have PPPoE and a static IP setup on WAN.

    The 81.x.x.x address also changes with every reboot, we wish to have our outgoing traffic go out over 217.x.x.86 with the 81-85 addresses available for various port forwarding purposes.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, and hopefully will also help the thread starter.


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    In all likelihood they are just routing that /29 to whatever IP you get when you login. Add the IPs in that /29 as "other" type VIPs, then you can use them in port forwards, manual outbound NAT rules, etc.

  • Perfect thank you

    Set up the Other type VIPs on the system and then just create a single catch all outbound NAT rule to map the traffic to the .86 address that the gateway should be. All seems to be working now and able to use incoming NAT rules to forward port 80 to different internal IPs based on the external IP it was reached from

    Cheers for the help

  • I created a IP alias as VIP. Entered the gateway in the gateways page and entered the DNS servers on the general page, and it works now.
    Now working on CARP…

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