V2 RC3 i386 upgrade issue

  • This morning the dashboard told me there was an update available.  I used "auto update", which showed me:

    A new version is now available

    Current version: 2.0-RC3
          Built On: Tue Jun 21 17:40:54 EDT 2011
        New version: Wed Jun 22 19:37:56 EDT 2011

    Update source: http://snapshots.pfsense.org/FreeBSD_RELENG_8_1/i386/pfSense_HEAD/.updaters/

    After uploading the version, the WAN interface became unavailable, and the GUI was extremely sluggish.  I recovered by manually uploading the RC1 image, downloading the RC3 image, and using "Manual Update".

    When manually downloading the images, I noticed that the AMD64 ARCH version appears to have a slightly higher build number (2105) than the i386 version (1542).  I do not see any logs to tell me what may have happened (I've increased the default entry value now), but is it possible the auto update routine picked up the AMD64 ARCH build as a new version, and tried to apply it over the existing i386 ARCH?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The i386 and amd64 versions are built on separate machines, they will always have different times because they take longer/shorter time to compile the images, and those aren't build numbers, they are timestamps.

    The update source shows i386, so there is no way that the amd64 images were there.

    The GUI was probably sluggish because you didn't have working DNS, because the WAN was down. As for why the WAN was down, without more information it's impossible to say. Going from RC1 to RC3 is painless for almost everyone, we'd need to see a lot more information about your hardware or any errors you might have had in the logs or console when you were on RC3.

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