Multiple Public IPs

  • I am getting a second internet installed soon and we have multiple Public IP's from system new internet. This is my first software router, and I am not sure to set it up to that each Public IP gos to a different server? Does anyone have any ideas on how to set this up?

  • shows a complete dual WAN setup with 2 public IPs.

  • I am guessing you mean 1 IP for one ISP and the other IP is for the other ISP, which would total 2 IPs. Yes, I am looking at load balancing. But my second connect has 5 Public IP's I can use. So it will be 1 for one ISP, 1 from the other ISP for internet, and the other 5 are for servers for the web (no i don't have 5 servers but I have a couple). This way each server has it's own public IP to talk to the internet on.

  • If you have modem/routers you can set up the other IP for a /29. Where are you wanting to place your servers?

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