[solved]how to restrict bandwidth usage of site-to-site vpn ?

  • Hi,

    I have 2 location each running pfsense. 1.2.3 at site A , RC2 build of june 18th at site B
    SITE A: tunnel client
    SITE B: tunnel server

    The openvpn tunnel is up and running without issues… an interface is created for the openvpn tunnel.
    I wish to cap the total bandwidth used over the vpn to 512Kbit/s

    I've tried using the traffic shaping wizard multiwan/multilan and then cloning the wan queues to the openvpn interface.

    This seems to have no effect.

    Could someone point me in the right direction please. Do i need to create firewall rules to use the queues ?

    kind regards


  • You can use limiters for this.

  • Thanks ermal, limiters work as you said

    i've added this floating rule on the vpn-server end:

    dir: in
    dest:  (subnet of client-lan)
    in/out: limit_in / limit_out

    pfsense is great ;)

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