Pfsense CLI/API option for remote program execution

  • Hi all,
     I am using pfsense 2.0 built in freebsd 8.2.  My purpose is use pfsense as a traffic shaper.  I need to shape the traffic per IP based.  As it is freebsd, I have used ipfw command  after loading the module ipfw and dummynet.  For simplicity, I have used the following.

    Note: is my LAN and is WAN and lanif and wanif is my interfaces.
    ipfw pipe 10 config bw 256Kbit/s
    ipfw pipe 20 config bw 128Kbit/s
    ipfw add 10 pipe 9 ip from to any http,https,ftp out via wanif
    ipfw add 11 pipe 20 ip from  any  to http,https,ftp in via wanif

    After that I tried testing the bw from the pc, using wget ( wget )
    The bandwidth is 11Mbps and did not worked out.

    Note: Using Pfsense->web-> Firewall->TrafficShaper->Wizard, i applied the rule and tested, it works. But ipfw show command did not show what are the queues, pipes and rules are created explicitly.

    Do I missing anything?

    Note: easyrule does not support to configure the trafficshaping property.

    The objective of CLI is, Another program need to control the bandwidth dynamically through API/SSH CLI.


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