Strange issue with device or pfsense not sure

  • Hello friends good day
    I'm having bad day with Netgate m1n1wall which had pfsense 1.2.3
    i upgraded it pfsense 2.0 RC1. I had not touched the firewall part.
    Just configured the WAN /LAN Interface and the DHCP Server.
    all of a sudden i couldn't ping the LAN interface of the router neither can i access webgui.
    but for you kind information the client will get IP from DHCP server.
    i unplugged the device connected it to desktop. To my surprise i can ping access webgui everything i need to configure the device.
    does that mean my laptop's NIC has been damaged :p (but it still gets the ip from dhcp server)
    or pfsense locks out unwanted clients after 3 unsuccessfull logins based on their MAC.

    any guidance, suggestions and informations regarding this issue is appreciated
    thanks in advance

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