How do i fix DHCP when load balancing

  • I've come up to this scenario when all wan goes down and only one link is up let say an opt1 has a DHCP address now the great problem is do i really have to check the check box pertaing to overide DNS when a DHCP is present, or is theres a work around on this because, its so annoying when all DNS on other interface is down do i Have to check the checkbox always so that it can have its DNS service. anyways thank you.

  • not sure what you mean, but you can enter 4 DNS servers under SYSTEM - GENERAL setup and pfsense is using this DNS servers. For this you have to disable "override DNS servers by DHCP".

  • How will i do that? there are only 2 textfields on the General Setup.

  • in pfsense 2.0 there are 4 fields - if I remember correct.
    Are you using pfsense 1.2.3 ?

  • yes im using 1.2.3 sorry Im using old version, i just want to understand fully the basics before moving to other version

  • If this is only for testing and not in a "real" environment, why not learn the basics on a new system with many new features :)

    You can update from 1.2.3 to the actual pfsense 2.0RC-3 snapshots without losing you configuration.

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