Using NAT with Multiwan (same Gateway)

  • Hi Folks

    In run into the following problem after upgrading to Version 2.0

    • Gateway for secondary WAN is shown as offline due same Gateway-IP as WAN1
    • (Therfore?) NAT on WAN2 doesn't work

    My Screnario (see Attachment)

    • I have a single cable-modem with one ISP
    • ISP gives me 2 IP Addresses by DHCP wich where successfully bound to WAN1 and WAN2 (OPT1)
    • This two IPs are in the same subnet with the same gateway.

    I need to access my two different internal servers by https, so im using my 2 public IPs achieve this. (There are even more services and servers but the problem is the same)
    In NAT and Firewall i added 2 NAT-Rules mapping each external IP on the WAN1/2 and Port 443 to the internal IP and Port of the desired server. But, this only works with the public IP on WAN1, not with the WAN2-Public IP. So the second server is not accessible.

    I captured Packets on WAN2 while accessing voa HTTPS but there were only ARP-Requests there. Before using pfSense 2.0 all worked fine.

    Any Idea, how to use NAT in Multiwan either if both WAN-IP's are in the same subnet?
    I'm not e network specialist and I hope you can understand my problem. If not absolutely needed, I dont't want to buy an extra router for the second WAN, but this could be a solution.

    Hope you can help me.


  • Rebel Alliance

    if im not wrong, you cant use 2 wan`s with same GW, i think you must use 1 WAN ( with 1 public IP ) + a VIP ( the other public IP ) and do 1:1 NAT for the second public IP

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