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  • Jim, I took a look in the book trying to determine if my ISP has assigned me what you describe in 1.2.1 or 1.2.2. Leaning towards 1.2.1 but not clear on your definition in 1.2.2. For clarification my ISP has assigned me a /29 with the  gateway being the first address in the 6 block. What are the steps involved in adding the remaining addresses. Can I simply label it all /29 under WAN configuration having one IP already assigned to gateway. Do i just need to add them with VIP? Thanks once again?

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    If you have one of those IPs as your WAN, and their device as the gateway, then you can use either CARP or Proxy ARP (or on 2.0, IP Alias) VIPs. They would all work to use the additional IPs.

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