• Hi,

    Trying to install pfSense 2.0 R1 on an older Sony Vaio laptop. I am using a USB Wifi adapter that reports as a Realtek RTL8187. (This wifi connection works fine under windows.) According to what I have read in other postings, 2.0 R1 supports the RTL8187.

    When I try to load pfSense from the Live CD, the network connection is not listed. I tried it with the USB plugged in and not plugged in - get the same list of available adapters.

    I also installed pfSense in a partition and again pfSense does not recognise the USB RTL8187.

    Can anyone offer a suggestion on getting this adapter working?


  • If the card is supported by FreeBSD 8.1 it will work. Some searching for that card + FreeBSD 8.1 may be helpful.

  • Netgate Administrator

    It may be supported by the urtw driver but it looks like it doesn't support access point mode.  :(