FitPCi reboot issues - summary and question

  • Several of us have FitPC's and we want to run Pfsense. Unfortunately, there appears to be a problem with FreeBSD 8.1 and rebooting the fit. The problem is fixed in 8.2 Snap (possibly released but I haven't tested yet).

    My question is - any idea how difficult it will be to build Pfsense with 8.2 as a base? I see there are kernel mods which would mean it won't be easy.


  • Probably around 5 hours of work to get the kernel patches to apply cleanly (for someone with plenty of experience doing so), and then who knows what else as changing the base version always breaks some things. Some commands will expect different inputs or have different formatting on output and other things of that nature. Generally going from X.1 to X.2 isn't too bad, the issues will likely be cosmetic on various status screens and maybe some other minor things here and there. There's always something though, we've yet to change even a minor version and not encounter some things along those lines, in 6.x, 7.x and 8.x.

  • I have a fitPC2i running 2.0 RC1 embedded (I bought the fitPC2i with the 8G SSD), this works perfectly, no rebooting problems at all. It might be new firmware in the fitPC.

    John S.

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