Upgrade to latest RC3 snapshot, limiter killed LAN

  • When I upgraded from a snapshot (i386 embedded) a few days ago (an RC2 version) to the current Sun Jun 26 13:38:28 EDT 2011 at the time, I had a couple of limiters running (two upload and two download) across the LAN/WAN. After upgrading, LAN and WAN hosts were pingable from a console connection to my pfSense box, however nothing worked from the LAN including the WebGUI, ping, SSH, browsing, DNS, etc.

    In order to fix the problem I put a new CF card in with a version from a couple of weeks ago and restored the latest backup of my config file. It caused the same problem as soon as it was restored; no network access at all from LAN clients, to pfSense or the Internet.

    I connected the console, edited /conf/config.xml and disabled all shaper and limiter rules (I had the shaper on as well from a wizard), removed the temporary config file and did a rc.reload_all, and I was able to get to the WebGUI but not the Internet. I then edited the LAN rules and re-saved them since there was now "none" available for the Limiters while they were trying to use the now-disabled versions. Internet was restored and everything was fully functional.

    Not sure exactly what went wrong but I figured I'd report it here in case someone else runs into it or the devs see similar issues.

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