New embedded installs and changing GUI IP/port

  • I've noticed in the past month or two when setting up new embedded installs on NetGate 2D13 boxes that when I browse to the LAN and run through the wizard, not everything takes effect right away. For example, if I change the LAN IP in the wizard, it doesn't actually change until I reboot the box, even once the wizard completes. And, once the wizard is done, if I go to the Advanced configs and change the WebGUI listening port (leaving HTTPS on), the port change doesn't take effect unless I reboot. This used to work as far as I can remember, but doesn't seem to now. It's been a week or two since I set up a new box and I didn't have time to report it at the time, so I may be mis-remembering something. But I know I've seen similar little things not work correctly in the past few weeks with LAN IP/port changes and it wasn't fixed on the most recent one I did, so I want to mention it before the final release!

    It does seem that on the 2D13 boxes they can now be setup without requiring the console? Seems to autodetect which NICs are which and configure LAN with DHCP and default IP and WAN with DHCP, enough to get to the WebGUI from the LAN and run the wizard. This is a great feature for sure, though I'm never without my USB–Serial adapter and serial cable :-)

  • The default assigned NICs have always been correct out of the box for ALIX. What you're describing sounds like you're on an old snapshot with check_reload_status not working, some from early this month would have issues along those lines.

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