Multiple GUI DHCP lease entries

  • Hi there,

    apologies if this has been asked and answered before, I went looking but couldn't see anything.

    Just wondering why (see screenshot) as to why old leases are shown under the black line?  The entries above the black line are all current.
    Not sure how the bottom ones are staying there as reboots don't remove them.  Prehaps I need to vi a file to remove? 

    If anyone has any suggestions it would be great,  call me picky but I don't overly like them there, although it's only a small setup and not causing any problems so isn't a huge issue. 


  • Also,  if it helps,

    in the Services > DHCP server tab only the current entries are displayed
    in Diagnostics > ARP only current entries are displayed

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    If they are labeled static, that means they are static DHCP mappings.

  • yes, they are,  but why are old ones in the list?
    It's like the systems permanently loads them into the list somehow, as I say those bottom entries survive reboots

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    The ones listed as static are read from the config under Services > DHCP Server. They must be configured as static on a tab there.

  • Hey mate,

    yeah they're all listed under there, I add them into that list, and then set the static IPs under the adapters with the same info to allow each PC/laptop/phone onto my network, which means noone can use my network without me adding them (I have a WAP running through OPT1 without any kind of password protection, as I prefer to filter by MAC address) but for the bottom entries on the DHCP list are old hosts, as you can see i've changed the Stevie-PC entry to whats now Keryn-PC however Stevie-PC is still listed at the bottom of the DHCP page.

    It's certainly no dramas, the extra entries aren't doing any harm, just wondered if anyone knew why the old entries were still listed :)

    Cheers :)

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    Then they must be in your config.xml somewhere (perhaps a disabled or deleted interface?) in the DHCP settings still. The statics are read out of the config, so if the "old" ones still show up that means they are still in there somewhere…

  • hell. why didn't I think of config.xml :S

    Thanks mate, they were certainly in there listed under the old WAP interface!  Thanks bud!  a reboot will answer,  but they shouldn'tve been there listed under the old interface so I assume thats indeed what it was.

  • I too have wireless on my opt port so I like having the old lease being shown until I delete it myself or it ran out of IPs.

    Since most of us have large DHCP scopes the old entries won't get purged until it runs out of fresh IPs.

    In your case you could drop the scope down a bit and it will clear itself out.


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