PPTP to ISP - Internet Service Provider with DHCP config

  • Hello guys,  Need help with connecting my pfSense Firewall to my ISP
    My ISP uses PPTP protocol but without any IP info.  Just user name password and and PPTP Server address.

    This is the way it would work from Windows XP and ISP PPTP Dialer.

    Setup Ethernet to get DHCP IP: works like a charm.  At this point we are in ther Cable Co. Network, but no internet as of yet.

    At this point I would dial my PPTP connection ( User Name/Pass and PPTP Server address from my specific ISP ) to my Specific ISP whom would be providing the internet for me.

    How would I do this on pfSence FW?

    I am verry much a Linux novice, so this is not much help to me, but hear is the direction on hot to setup a linux box with pptp to Israel ISP: http://www.whatsup.org.il/doc/CABLES-DHCP-PPTP-HOWTO.html

    Thank you for any help.

  • Any body have any ideas about how to do this PPTP with DHCP….?

  • This kind of config is not supported by the frontend currently. There are some anonymisation services that work similiar to this setup. Maybe a bounty would raise some devs interest in implementing this cleanly in the frontend.

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