IPSec questions….

  • Have a delima here….

    We are currently using a Linksys BEFVP41 router and its VPN capabilites to connect to a router running IPCop.  This works fine.

    We recently started using another piece of software.  This software makes and uses a LT2P VPN connection back to the vendor using the Windows VPN client.  For this to work I had to of course turn on IPSec passthrough on the Linksys.  However the Linksys has major issues with this.  Turning on Passthrough makes the router's own VPN stop working correctly.

    I thought I would just replace the Linksys with another IPCop, but come to find out  IPCop no longer supports VPN Pass-through!  So I have turned to pfSense.

    Would pFsense support this type of setup without problems?  To recap:  Pfsense IPSec to IPCop IPSec, with a LT2P VPN client connecting to a different server BEHIND the Pfsense.  VPN Passthrough enabled of course.

  • Guess this is untested. However I have no issues running ipsectunnels at the pfsense itself and using ipsec clients at lan to go somewhere else so far. Give it a try and let us know.

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