DHCP Lease Page feature request

  • Not sure if this was brought up before but it would be nice to have Tabs for each DHCP server under the DHCP Lease page. In other words, a Tab for say LAN: This would show all the leases/static IPs for the DHCP Server on the LAN interface. Another Tab for WLAN_Guest: This would show all the leases/static IPs for that interface and so on.

    I know for me its not a big deal since I only have 2 interfaces with DHCP enabled. But I can foresee this page being pretty big for some setups and tabs would help clean it up somewhat.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The DHCP daemon itself only keeps one large leases file, it doesn't split them up. While it would be possible to do this it would increase the complexity of the page quite a bit. At this point it would be too much to make it into 2.0. You could open a feature request ticket at http://redmine.pfsense.org/ with a target of 'future' and perhaps for 2.1 or later a developer or volunteer might take that on.