Multiwan failover on 3g Card

  • Hi.
    Sry if it have been discussed before, but I've not found any hint on this in the forum
    I've installed 2.0 RC1 on an alix board.
    I need to have a failover access on internet, so I've configured a 3g modem (Huawei E156G) to act as backup connection.
    After a little tweaking I've managed to get it work.
    I've set up a Gateway group where the main connection has Tier 1 and the 3g modem has Tier 5.
    It works. More or less.  :)
    When I disconnect the wan cable from the main internet connection, after the time I've set up (5 sec) the 3g card come up regularly, so the failover works.  :)
    The problem is that when I reconnect the cable back in place the connection stays on the 3Gcard, despite the fact it is "low priority".  ???
    If I force a disconnection on the PPP interface the connection diligently revert to the main WAN.  :P
    Any idea on how to make it automatic????
    Thanks.  Giulio