Need setup two internal web servers to serve on port 80, WAN IP's same provide

  • we have two internal web servers, with static LAN IP's.  we have two static WAN ip addresses assigned from the same ISP provider and use the same gateway IP address.  i have set the NAT and port forwarding rules as required for both WAN connections.  all the internet traffic on the 1st (original) WAN ip passes to the intended web server fine and serves web requests.  the new WAN ip address which is setup to forward traffic to the second web server is intermittent at best.  i've been wracking my brain and researching with no good solution.  i have read this may be due to two WAN ip addresses utilizing the same gateway address?  internally the second web server serves web pages correctly and without issue.

    still on pfsense 1.2.3

    thanks in advance

  • Is it actually two WANs, or one WAN with two IPs?

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