2.0-RC3 arprequest Issue

  • Could not access webgui so went to pfsense box and saw this on the screen.

    arprequest:cannot find matching address              this was listed 3 times then

    pfr_unroute_kentry : delete failed

    arprequest:cannot find matching address                listed again 4 times

    console is stuck had to do a manual reboot

    it work fine for 2 days then this

  • I am seeing something similar.  pfSense runs about 8-10 hours before displaying "arprequest: cannot find matching address" on the console.  in the GUI, the link goes up and down.  I reboot it and it works fine again for a period of time.  What logs should I include when it happens again?

  • Well, I stopped spoofing the MAC address of the USB NIC and rebooted my cable modem to accept the original MAC address of the USB NIC.  So far it has been 13 hours without an arprequest issue.

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