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  • I have been working very hard to get Traffic Shaping to work well on my network. I have read everything on these boards, the tutorials, and the support mailing list, so even though my question will sound like it might have been answered a million times, please understand that I've done the best I can to figure it out myself.

    The desired set-up is very basic. I have two WANs coming into pfSense, and one of those (the WAN interface) I am using mainly for VoIP. I do some SSH through this and pfSense webConfigurator is accessed remotely at times over the WAN interface.

    I need to shape that interface so that my VoIP calls do not skip and cut out. Here's some info on that interface:

    SBC DSL w/ SLA for latency and speed: 6016 down/768 up.
    Ping Plotter overnight test to VoIP provider shows an average of 30ms round-trip with no packet loss.

    My problem is that as I'm on the phone, as I'm accessing the webConfigurator, I can hear the cutting in-and-out that happens as I'm clicking on different options/pages in the webConfigurator. Each click creates a cut-out on the line. I can download a file via SSH over the WAN interface, and it will cut-out initially, but then it will get better after a few seconds. The web interface, however, causes constant call distortion.

    I have tried numerous configurations of Traffic Shaper, none of which work well.

    Can anyone, using the info I have given above, give me at least somewhere to start with what you think would be an optimal Traffic Shaper config?

    Thank you so much in advance. If you need anymore info, just let me know.

  • Traffic from the pfsense itself won't be shaped by default I guess. You could try to introduce some rules to send this traffic to one of the mid or low priority queues. I have no way of testing this atm but I experienced this with ipsec tunnels terminated by the pfsense as well. adding an additional shaper rule fixed it.

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