• Hi,

    A quick question about Squidguard logging. I have uploaded screen shot of the common ACL page from Squidguard config as well as the log page. As you can see, I have selected the option to log on common ACL page. My issue is, while Squidguard works as designed and blocks sites as defined on the 'Target Rules List', it does not log the blocked sites on the log page. What else do I need to do to log the attempt and the site blocked per ip?


  • Did you checked Enable log on General settings tab?

  • Indeed I had not but primarily because the explanation made it appear as something needed for testing i.e. "Check this for enable log of the proxy filter. Usually log used for testing filter settings."

    Anyway, after turning that setting on, block log is working now. Thank you!

  • base on your first image, Logging is already check. So how come it doesn't log?
    I think the devs put the the description "For testing" is because they don't want to occupy your hd with all the logs especially if it is not rotated.

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