Multiple PPPoE Accounts on one interface

  • This may be an illogical question but I am currently in the process of implementing PFSense to replace my three existing routers and I just want to know if the following is possible;
    I have 3 static IPs through my ISP however they are not a block and I have a separate PPPoE login for each static IP. Right now, I have installed 4 NICS in the box I am using for PFSense (3 for PPPoE accounts and 1 for LAN) however I am wondering if there is any way to simply connect my PPPoE modem to a single WAN port on my PFSense server and have all 3 static public IPs on the one interface and then setup my firewall rules to route the incoming traffic to my LAN.
    Again, this may not make any sense and not be possible because of the multiple PPPoE logins required but it would be nicer to do it this way and plus make it easier to add more static IPs later.
    Thanks for any responses and I am using PFSense 2.0RC3

  • Maybe smarter ones can answer that does this work. i would use vlans in wan side to have multiple ppoe logins.

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