How do you create a queue that never drops packets

  • Guys,
    I want to make it so that my qwanacks queue never drops packets. I want this queue to use up 100% of my upload bandwidth if required but to never drop packets.  Generally this queue uses less than 10% of my upload bandwidth but at times it uses close to 80% at these times no matter what i seem to set the settings to the qwanacks queue seems to drop some packet in favour of other queues of lower piority getting the bandwidth.

    Basically i want my system to work something like this.
    1. acks
    2. voip
    3. games
    4. general traffic
    5. P2P
    6. News server traffic

    So what i want is the bandwidth to sort of water fall down from top to bottom with each level taking as much as it needs that is left over from the level above. Is this possible and if so could anyone provide me with some info on how as i have been unable to get this to work so far.


  • @sullrich:,1384.0.html goes over this.

    Thanks sullrich but i have already read that. my current settings for ack's are min of 60% and max of 100% and a level 7 piroity.  Still this queue drops packets every now and then.  (2k packets dropped in 30 min with p2p running at 8 meg down).  Generally this queue dones not go that high just under major P2P load and then it is not far above 60% but it starts dropping packets and packets from lower piority queues seem to be sent instead.

    I want to make a queue that will no drop packets but any left over packets go to other queues.  I guess i could remove the min bandwidth from all other queues and make acks bandwidth 100% but surely thats not a good thing.  I would like to balance the min bandwidth in the other queues but the min bandwidth should only apply to queues of the same level.  at the moment min bandwidth across all queues can't be more than the total bandwidth right?

    maybe i am just doing something stupid in which case can someone let me know what i could be doing wrong?


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