1 LAN, 2 WAN can not connect from one WAN to the other WAN

  • Hi All

    I have read a couple of topics on this forum, what I want to do is pretty straight forward.

    Setup is as such:

    pfsense: 1.2  (Not upgrading it as it is solid as a rock!)
    1 x LAN:
    1 x WAN1: DHCP (Cable Modem) –> Handles all outgoing traffic
    1 x WAN2: SDSL Static with 1 IP

    Clients should be able to connect via a RDP connection to an address on the WAN2 going out through WAN1.
    I can ping clients LAN --> WAN1 --> WAN2

    But not connect.

    Block private Networks is disabled and as far as I can see we do not block any outbound traffic. Is there a quick fix for this?



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