Apinger: ALARM: GW_WAN(x.x.x.x) *** down ***

  • I have two Alix boards, one I have had for about 12-18 months and used to run pfSense 1.2.3 and now 2.0 and a new board. Both are identical, aside from onboard flash RAM. I have one problem - loss of Internet connectivity intermittently which is really perplexing me.

    The message I get is apinger: apinger: ALARM: GW_WAN(x.x.x.x) *** down ***

    During the working day, we get out of this by unplugging the WAN cable and then re-attaching it which causes an if-down/up cycle and things work again. If this happens out of office hours, the system corrects itself after 15-20 mins, tonight's log saying:

    Jun 29 20:36:52 apinger: ALARM: GW_WAN(x.x.x.x) *** down ***
    Jun 29 20:37:02 check_reload_status: Reloading filter
    Jun 29 20:52:42 apinger: alarm canceled: GW_WAN(x.x.x.x) *** down ***

    I am running RC2, but was seeing the same problem on 1.2.3 albeit, without the log output as the interface would lock up. Version 2's GUI doesn't lock up, so I'm able to find out more info.

    I have the problem on both boards I believe as I originally thought this was possibly hardware related.

    My currently in place board is running RC2 from 15 June 2011

    I will be updating the config on my 2nd board and swapping that back in later after updating it to RC3 latest build.

    vr0: DAD detected duplicate IPv6 address fe80:1::20d:b9ff:fe1e:1394: NS in/out=1/1, NA in=0
    vr0: DAD complete for fe80:1::20d:b9ff:fe1e:1394 - duplicate found
    vr0: manual intervention required
    vr0: possible hardware address duplication detected, disable IPv6
    vr2: DAD detected duplicate IPv6 address fe80:3::20d:b9ff:fe1e:1396: NS in/out=1/1, NA in=0
    vr2: DAD complete for fe80:3::20d:b9ff:fe1e:1396 - duplicate found
    vr2: manual intervention required
    vr2: possible hardware address duplication detected, disable IPv6

    is the only other thing I can see from output in dmesg.

    Help most appreciated.

    Regards, Adrian

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Do you have multiple interfaces plugged into the same physical network?

  • I have LAN physical interface on one VLAN, OPT interface on another VLAN and the WAN goes to a totally separate switch and network.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The log messages you posted suggest that vr0 and vr2 are sharing the same physical network somehow - you might want to double check your switch configuration.

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