Problem with multi-WAN PPPoE setup

  • Hello,

    Looking for a working multi-wan solution with a pfSense 2.0rc1, I found that thread and think I'm also hit by this problem.

    I'm running pfSense 2.0rc1 on an Alix case (freshly installed on a 2G cfcard) and tried to install a « multiwan on a stick » solution as showed in pfsense 1.2's book. I've setup the system with up to 4 different WAN, driven with PPPoe, but only 3 are recently plugged, I've started with only one.At first, I thought I had a misconfiguration with VLAN on the switch, but I don't think so now : I only have one WAN working at a time, but when rebooting, I saw that the WAN working isn't the same from one run to the other !!
      I've tried to check the 'Configure a NULL Service name' box, but without noticing nothing new.

    I could post some mpd*conf files, but the fact the same config works or not from different reboots seems to tell the problem isn't in the config, isn't it ?

    I had a doubt about modems config, as even in the bridge mode, they could be reached through a IPv4 private address, and it could be the same… perhaps confusing pfSense ? Are the different VLANs helping here ? not sure...

    If you need more info, I could supply it in the next days.

    With regards,

  • I split this off into its own thread as it's unlikely you're having the same issues as the other thread (for that matter, those in the other thread aren't having the same issue either largely and it's a big mess, let's not make it bigger). My best guess from your description is at times you have the same gateway IP assigned to multiple PPPoE connections, which you can see in the logs. mpd can't work in that scenario and will refuse to connect the second connection that's assigned the same gateway.

  • Hello,

    I've re-checked interfaces configuration, but didin't see Gateways IP in PPPoe configs.

    I've defined 4 OPT* interfaces with 4 different VLANs, and 4 another interfaces WAN* with a PPPoe config set on each former OPT* interfaces. I thought VLAN's config should suffice to differentiate trafic between each VLAN's interfaces. I'll re-check switch's configuration, its gui isn't very easy…


  • The gateways are assigned by the ISP. You'll see a failure in the PPP logs if you're assigned the same gateway on another connection.

  • Hello,

    I'm coming back after a long time… To have the latest version, I've updated the Pfsense's software to the 2.0rc3 version (The online update didn't work on my Alix 2d3 system, I had to write it on another CF card and swap them).

    I'm in the same situation, and you're right about the gateways, when run separately, all different ADSL/pppoe lines have the same gateway (and I don't think I could change anything about this, it's my FAI' s choice, isn't it ?).

    I can understand having same gateways for different WAN could be difficult for detecting which line is working... but is it still possible to work with multiple WAN with PfSense with this setup ?

    Thanks for your help,

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