2 wan with same ip

  • Hi, I have 2 internet connection from the same provider: 1 radio internet connection and 1 ADSL backup connection.
    both 2 connections works in pppoe with same user/pw and have assigned the same pubblic IP Address (8 ip)
    Actually I have configured the adsl router as brige and 1 wan into pfsense, if the main link goes down I manually disconnect the ethernet cable from the radio link and put it into the adsl router and all works fine.
    Now I'm trying to automatically switch between them, how can I do?
    I think that a solution is to configure 2 PFsense in CARP, with the radio link connected to the wan master and the adsl backup to the secondary pfsense, if the radio link goes down the carp put the master off and the secondary can work.. but this is complicated and require 2 pc… is it possible to have it working whit only one pfsense box?


  • a little up :)
    someone have suggestions?


  • Only way this would work is to bond connections…  Since your using two transport methods Im not sure how well that would work...  Your ISP would have to support it...

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