Missing instructions for embedded / nanobsd img ?

  • I've always used the regular install version to HDD

    but for 2.0 I wanted to use one of the many nanobsd images to run straight off a Flash Drive

    from Ubuntu I used DD to raw copy several versions of the .img to the flash drive, however when i try to boot from any of them the image just hangs at boot

    which suggest it might be missing a boot flag (not set to active) ?

    if I check with gparted the flash drive looks correct, 2 partition for pfsense, and 1 data partition.

    just for reference, the Flash media is bootable, if i flash it with the CD image or the USB image; but that's not my goal, as i do not want pfsense to run from RAM, but rather from the embedded flash disk

  • never mind… found the answer

    it's normal

    the embedded has no video output / keyboard input

    only COM serial

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