Downloading causing OpenVPN Tunnel Saturation

  • I have a site to site VPN that I am having issues with the headquarters site. Here is my setup:
    -Remote site: 2 computer that user RDP to the Headquarters site.

    -Remote site has 3.0Mbps asynchronous connection– (these people don't use the net, because there is close supervision, so I am not worried about this site)
    -HQ has a 1.5Mbps asynchronous connection and this is where the Terminal Server resides-- This connection gets saturated easily by one person downloading one file, and we cannot upgrade speed because it is not available in the area.

    Users are not allowed to, but they are probably browsing and watching videos at the HQ office, as I see high traffic when the remote site has issues. No one can browse through the VPN so I am just running 2 RDP sessions over it, it is just the employees at HQ saturating my small  pipe by downloading etc.

    What can I do via traffic shaping to avoid having my OpenVPN traffic saturated by abusers?



  • Sooo I guess that is my answer…. From what I have read inbound shaping doesn't work and can cause more congestion. The way to go would be restrict all net from HQ, upgrade Internet bandwidth or get anothe 1.5Mbps DSL and route all VPN down one of the pipes, dedicated.

    Am I right?

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